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  • Nevermind it seems Negator got it already XP
    You can still have it if you want it :/
    Ummm do you want your Bibarel? I see you logged on today.....
    Owell, VM me when you can pick it up, merry christmas :)
    Your Bibarel is finished :D I caught it last night before i went to bed XD
    Adamant [F]
    Ok i found out that the Timid 31/31/31/31/31/31 Spread is Female would you want me to use that instead?
    The Adamant is deffinately Female :D I might have it done tonight if not tomorrow ok?
    Ok i can definately do that then it will either be
    31/31/31/17/31/31 Adamant
    31/31/31/31/31/31 Timid ( dont know if this is female though O_o
    I don't know. I'm letting you decide on that. The answer is 3 and if you had 3 anywhere for the answer, you're good.
    Hey do you have a Flawless Crobat Parent? If not want me to catch one for you to use? It wont be that hard...
    Lol i hate when that happens XD you get the shittiest IV in the IV you need or when you get a 31 IV in Attack on a Modest poke and its Sp.Atk Iv is like 5 -__- i hate that XD
    lol im catching a bunch of Magnezone ^__^
    Heres what i planned on getting, they all have magnet pull

    Hidden Power: Gound 70 ( I ust caught this one)

    Hidden Power: Ground 70

    Hidden Power: Fire 70

    Hidden Power Ground 70

    Hidden Power: Fire 70

    Hidden Power: Grass 70
    Lol yeah i like Magnezone
    Ok great! Thanks :3 So you think you coulddo something like this?
    31/31/30+/X/30+/X i really dont care that much about speed as i use mine in a sandstorm anyways XD
    Breed something from my wants :3 heheh jk
    What Ball looks best for a HP Ground Magnezone?
    Ahh lol what are yuo breeding? And why would you let your little cousin play your game!?!?! I was EV Training before (i EV Trained like 3 things) and i set my DS down and my little cousin shut it off -__-
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