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  • did you see the sprite I made in the shoddy package looking for contributor? what do you think?
    Holy crap dude. Your sprites are beyond impressive. They look like they belong in the next pokemon game.
    That combined with the fact that your name is "TVboyCanti" probably makes you the most awsome person here on smogon.
    Yeah I am using, and tried to use the colour picker to grab the transparency but it didn't work.

    Excuse my noobiness by the way. =/
    To avoid postcount++ in the spriting thread, I'll ask here. How do I go over colour with transparency?
    Hey there, Canti. I just wanted to share some ideas for attacks for the fighting game you were coming up with.

    B: Single kick, straight foward.
    Rapid B: In your post in the spriter's thread.
    B + Down: A leg sweep, but extra stretchy.
    B + Up: The axe kick in the spriter's thread.
    B + Side: A spinning kick, going foward.
    B + Back-Foward-Back (in contrast to the direction faced): A backstep, followed by a spinning kick with the backleg, then another spinning kick from the front leg.
    B + Foward-Back-Foward: a frontstep, followed by a backstep, followed by a spinning kick with the back leg.
    B + Up-Down-Up: A jumping kick, follwed by a leg sweep, followed by a jumping kick.
    B + Down-Up-Down: A crouch, follwed by an uppercut, then several midair kicks to opponent's chest.

    Just some ideas. :) I actually do Tae Kwon Do, so I know some stuff to help out with more martial-art inclined characters.


    P.S. I would like to see Hitmonchan as a character. 8D
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