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  • oh sry but i just got a protean froakie. Do u have a gale wing talonflame, speed boost whirlipede or magic guard abra to trade me? Dont care bout the ivs or nature
    Sorry i dont have any of those :(
    aw. thx anyways
    I'm wondering, what's up with you joining and leaving #benelux all the time. You're on, and then 10 seconds later you leave

    and you never talk :[
    No, this time won't be possible for me. Sunday I can be online from 4pm to 6pm, and 10pm til 2am in GMT+1.

    Specify a time between those or tell me another day.
    Dude... I'll be here almost all time til Thursday. Tell me any time it's not morning to we can finish it!
    I think this time on Friday is good. Maybe 9pm your time would be even better. =]

    I had post this on my page, LOL.
    We're paired by 3-mon tour. When do u wanna play? I'm GMT-3 and use to be online at evening.
    Um, it should be 7 pm your time about now if I did my calculations right, so I'll be ready to battle for the next hour or so.
    Hmm, well, if it's not too much trouble, could like an hour earlier work for you (so 10:30 for me, 6 for you)? I have tests for the next few days, so I'd rather not stay too late if possible :/.
    Uh, since it looks like we missed each other, is there anytime that you could get on during the next few days with a reasonable time for both of us? (like I said earlier, I can only battle after 4 pm my time, and I'd rather not battle anytime later than midnight).
    Oh, um, well I'm GMT -6, and on weekdays I get back at 4 pm my time, which would be really late for you x.x . I do have Monday off so I should be free all day, so I'll try to make that time between 3-7 pm your time. If you use irc, feel free to go on #rarelyused and message me when you're ready to battle as well!
    Hi! my time zone is GMT +2. I am available on weekdays between 3 PM and 7 PM (bar dinner) on Monday and Tuesday and after that, i can play until 9:30 PM (but nor from 6 to 8 PM on wednesday and same for friday as well). I can also play in the weekend apart from saturday afternoon from 3 Pm.
    Would you like to try to get a battle done this Saturday? I'll be available in the morning, which will be the evening during your time. How does 6:00 PM sound?
    We have really mismatched time zones and I usually don't have time in the morning (when it's the evening for you) and I'm usally gone for most of the day. I'm only usually available during the evening and will be on PS as FLCL.

    I have to leave in 15 minutes but we might have enough time to get one match done right now
    Hey we're opponents for round three of the Ubers Open. My timezone is GMT-8 and I'm usually available from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM on weekdays.
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