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  • I would love the backround of that Metagross, if you can add a Trophy instead of Metagross, that be great!.
    Ok, well, the text should be: Trophy Case, which, instead of a pokemon picture, I like a trophy picture, should I choose the background, or do yo have some sample ones?
    hey TwilightBlade, I heard you make some banners, I just want to ask you, can you make only 1 banner for me?
    Next one. The Banner to start my Thread. Its going to be a Tentacruel. And will have the text: Welcome To Captain's Trade Thread

    Use the Capital Letters where they are, and the colour scheme Blue, White and Red to match the non shiny tentacruel pic. Thanks!
    Text: Services

    In the same font, place as last time. Just change the picture to Flareon, and clour scheme to red and white, VM me it. :)
    Great. Added your Credits. Try a services one this time. With a non shiny Flareon and Red back ground shapes!
    Damn, last 3 pics are exactly what i want! Can you do some banners for me for credits in my trade thread? :)
    I'm a popular guy. I like your Vulpix One.

    Reckon you could start with this one, and post on my VM wall how it turns out.

    Background: Split into small trianges that are filled in black with red lines around each one. So there's tons of small triangles. Then there's a picture of a non shiny Carracosta to the Right, and on the Left in Light blue text is Wants

    If I like this I'll be asking for around 10 more, at 2 credits per banner.
    I'm Sorry to hear that.

    My day at school was going great. But I'm just not feeling happy on smogon as much as I did before.
    I have it on the 4th gen.

    And I trade right now if you like.

    How is everything going with?
    There's really nothing that I'm looking for right now. I'm just giving it to you by the kindness of my heart. Consider it a present.
    I have the a Fire hp ditto. It's shiny and it's on my thread. you can look at it if you want.
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