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    If you can show an example where the values in the red boxes match up EXACTLY with the values in the green boxes, but the seeds are different, then there's a bug with RNG Reporter's seed generation. If you can't, please don't say there is.

    One day I caught several Pokemon for parameters on a DS Lite, following the procedure to the letter. I couldn't find parameters for any of them. I gave up, then tried again a few days later and then it worked. We can't measure parameters directly, so we don't know what happens when - or even if - they go "crazy". Standard seeds are just not foolproof. But they work for most people, most of the time.

    There is absolutely nothing stopping you from installing multiple versions of RNG Reporter. But imagine how frustrating it is to be helping someone troubleshoot their RNGing for hours and in the end the problem is "oh lol I had the old version with the bug in it."
    1) Encounter slot drop-down box will be fixed next release.

    2) There are enough people who have no problem with hitting seeds from 9.74's Time Finder to say the problem is most likely at your end.
    I also prohibited anyone asking elsewhere.

    The check codes will be posted when they're ready, and not before.
    Bond was the one converting the codes to the multilanguage games, and Italian was the last set to be leaked. He should have them done by the end of the day.
    I'll be back soon. you should give me a pokemon for ditto and then give it to me on heartgold.
    if you use the soulsilver one first, I give you suicune. then, you use the heartgold one to give me ditto.
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