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  • That's definitely interesting, but I want to see a remake of the 3rd generation and the Yellow version. Anyway, if you ever get back into the meta-game I'll be waiting with an army of new pokemon at my disposable (the same goes for krdforme).
    That sounds interesting, but ridiculous at the same time -_- . It does make the game more challenging though. Which custom rules, if any, do you abide by?
    I should probably RNG my first wondercard pokemon since I have 3 already lol. Good luck with both! Don't get too overconfident because even if it's easy, the process takes a while -_-
    Thank you! I owe it to my banner maker, Entei The Swift; he did an awesome job on the banners. I was hoping to show you my thread when it was done, but we're in the process of remodeling it right now. I'm actually considering making a joint thread with a friend of mine, Ragnar. We'll probably make it later this month.
    I agree: sometimes it's embarrassing to watch Ash make a fool of himself, but what can you do? He's only 10 years old supposedly. You can't expect much from kids and you can quote me on that lol. Yeah, the point of the show is not to win at everything or the writers have a terrible way of showing it. I don't feel like thinking of the purpose of the show right now because my brain is fried from taking an online final just earlier today.
    I must admit that when I started re-watching since season 1, some of the episodes had moments that made me laugh, which is very difficult to do because I don't laugh often. I'm not sure how the new episodes are in the DP arc, but I've seen quite a few and they weren't funny. Lol, you don't bring NFE pokemon into WiFi battles I would hope.
    Don't be ridiculous lol; I have ways to go before I can even think of the words "last final ever." Well, at least you had some free time to do stuff during your busy schedule. You like the anime? I think it's decent overall as an anime, but it's very repetitive and childish if you ask me.
    That sounds harsh; you need to get to it! I have my first final today and my second final is due Sunday, which is bittersweet, but my last final is on December 16. Basically, I've tried to stay active on Smogon and I've been rewatching the Pokemon anime since episode 1; I just finished the Orange Islands arc. What have you been doing for fun in your busy schedule?
    Hey, I haven't heard from you in a while! School is almost over so I'll have a lot of freedom soon. How is school going?
    I know what you mean! Let's trade on Thursday or Friday. Don't worry about EV training it - we can work something else out.
    Yeah, I have so much more pokemon (finished EV training like 30+ in a week haha), but I'm going to need help transferring more pokemon over from Diamond so that I have even more pokemon for UU/NU.
    Hey buddy, I just wanted to say that I've been stacking up on UU pokemon this whole week in spite of being busy with school lol. Next time we battle it's going to be UU and let's just say Cradily won't be a problem again [hopefully].
    I didn't play as well as I should've, but luck wasn't on my side either. NU? I don't even have enough pokemon for UU yet -_- . I'm sticking to OU as usual and the next time we battle I'm bringing a team that has proven itself!
    I will have my vengeance one day lol. Until then, I'm going to EV train more UU/NU pokemon so watch out. I still hold the advantage in OU though so hah.
    Lol, I'm not going to lie, but that avatar looks funny. You should take a vacation from pokemon or something. Sadly, I've only had time to EV train lately so I'd be happy just to have some free time for pokemon. I might have time to battle tonight after I take a test and workout.
    Well, that's good to know that you can use WiFi without having to go to campus. You should attempt to trade next. I wonder when WiFi will be back to normal.
    I have 3 upcoming tests so my free time is limited. I'm going to take an exam on Friday, but I should have enough free time left after it. If you want to try trading before Friday, we could try every night from about 9-11 PM my time or when I have my break (11 AM - 2 PM) on Wednesday. I'll be on AIM if I have free time. We could always set an appointment lol.
    Sweet, I hope it works as well. Also, if you know someone who can make good pokemon (the anime) themed banners for me, please let me know!
    Okay, it's not like you use WiFi everyday anyway. I just hope it won't be inconvenient for you to trade, battle, etc. since you have to go all the way to campus.
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