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    Project OU Next Best Thing: Cycle 48 - Dracozolt (Voting)

    Razor Claw + Psycho Cut
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    :v4: gratz

    :v4: gratz
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    Pokémon Alakazam

    I think Recover Deserves a mention on the set. It allows Zam to turn passive mons like Chansey and Clefable into set-up fodder, at the cost of sacrificing some coverage. This also gives alakazam some staying power, and greatly improves the stall MU
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    Pokémon Slowking

    FWIW, 252 / 200 + Slowking accomplishes the same as 252 /252 + in regards to slowbro. It still avoids the +1 volc bug buzz, and avoids the +2 Zam shadow ball OHKO. The leftovers EV's aren't particularly important, but the physical MU can be improved a bit if one so desires.
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    Pokémon Heracross

    :ss/Heracross: Heracross Base Stats: 80 HP | 125 Atk | 75 Def | 40 SpA | 95 SpD | 85 Spe Abilities: Swarm | Guts | Moxie (H) [Newly Obtainable Moves] - Spikes [Notable Moves] - Swords Dance - Megahorn - Close Combat - Earthquake - Spikes - Stone Edge - Toxic - Knock Off [Pros] - High...
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    Pokémon Talonflame

    I think a defensive taunt + Wisp set has some merit as a great anti-lead and it has the ability to disrupt mons like wish Clef and Chansey. Talonflame @ Heavy-Duty Boots Ability: Gale Wings EVs: 132 HP / 8 Atk / 84 Def / 84 SpD / 200 Spe Jolly Nature - Taunt / Defog - Roost -...
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    Project Isle of Armor Pokemon Thread Reservation

    Heracross please. Mod Edit: Approved
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    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread here
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    SS OU First OU team or as I like to call it: Cinde Time

    :v4: nice team. seems pretty solid, so I didn't make any major changes. Major Changes: :kommo-o: to :Hippowdon: This is more of an optional switch, but this gives the team a better check to setup sweepers, namely Lucha and Ace, which your team struggles with. I went with a SpDef set designed...
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    Metagame SS OU Metagame Discussion v4 (check out posts #483 and 484 for DLC1 info!)

    :talonflame: I've been messing around w/ smogonbird, and I have enjoyed relative success with a defensive spread. Taunt + Wisp have a great matchup against most rockers like Hippowdon and rock-move-less drill and shuts down defensive mons like Clef & Ferro. The defensive spread I've been...
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    Project SS OU Teambuilding Competition: Tapu Lele (Building)

    :roserade: :corviknight: :toxapex: :clefable: :dracovish: :hydreigon: ◄ Importable ► A basic Corv + Clef + Pex + The uncommon Roserade. Roserade serves as a check to a wide array of physical threats and serves as a prick in the side of the classic corv clef pex core. It also can pain toad...
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