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  • yeah it has. and not much really. i finished high school havent started college. i just been working a lot and started doing brazilian jiu jitsu, nothing out of the ordinary. whats up with you
    lol 5 days late, I def. stop coming to smogon.

    I'm starting August to Bronx Community College, for a start. I sort of had low grades in high school because of stuff distracting me that wasn't work. That's why I took one year off school to get my shit together, y'know? Yeah.. uh, you?
    Actually, I took a year off. I'm starting college this year (August). I can't wait. At least you have something to do right now lol. I'll be staying in New York for a while.
    Hey, man what's up? I've been looking for work for two weeks now.. been inactive again on Smogon since the game's gotten boring again. How's life?
    Oh, rofl, I got Soul Silver 2 days before its release, and been on shoddy more since my main projects have finished, so now I have had some free time, seriously school stresses me. :> It's almost over, though! :)
    EDDIE! What's up, man? I've been good, started playing again recently after my school work has eased up, you?

    Also, I had you on AIM before but you clearly ignored me -_-
    lol yea. but then again, i thought i'd be stuck with a windows98 computer until i had great grandkids lol
    I've been alright. i've finally got shoddy lol. don't play so often though with school and all.
    you still into pokemon and stuff?
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