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    Approved /tour rules improvements

    I've been working on this and it wasn't a particularly hard change actually. This is pretty much the approach I took. parsing : or = like /tour rules max level = 5. I gave up on my own suggestion of allowing change of mods, but with the added control over banlists it shouldn't be necessary...
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    Metagame NFE Metagame

    At this point I'm just sitting here wondering where all the people are coming from
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    no u

    no u
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    Metagame NFE Metagame

    do I count that as a signup
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    Metagame NFE Metagame

    With that, we've reached 150 signups already! Please have mercy on my soul
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    Metagame NFE Metagame

    Spiceeeee :heart:
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    It's in the original post, it starts sunday morning (European time)

    It's in the original post, it starts sunday morning (European time)
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    Metagame NFE Metagame

    You did it right
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    Metagame NFE Metagame

    lowkey because I don't understand smogon and making new threads is too hard for me
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    Metagame NFE Metagame

    Approved by vooper Welcome to the NFE sendoff tournament! It's time to say goodbye to the current generation of pokemon, and say hello to the future of NFE! This tournament marks the transition to the next generation, marking the last SM tournament held before it becomes a past generation...
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    Done Lower message delay for public bots

    in bot-heavy rooms, 600ms throttle is a lot of time between messages, especially if a bunch of people are trying to use informational commands in PM. I've been implementing systems to make sure the most important bot messages get through no matter what, but it'd still be nice if public bots (or...
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    Metagame 1v1 OMs

    CAP acknowledged by yours truly
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    Project 1v1 Shopfront

    pick a different poll or get a refund Osra
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    Pending More /movesearch options

    On the topic of movesearch: [09:37:46] %U️nwired: /dt shows moves' PP factoring in PP max but you can't use those pp maxed amounts in /ds [09:37:58] %U️nwired: like you can't use /ds pp=16, you have yo use /ds pp=10 [09:38:01] %U️nwired: which is so stupid that's another thing that could...