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  • It should be back up within a day or two, and I'm glad you think so, thanks!
    Oh. But isn't it kind of the same as adding an egg to your party?

    I see what you mean. So, if you turn on a C-Gear and then advance to frame 7, and then turn the C-Gear off then back on, you'll be back at frame 3.
    I'm not sure either .-.

    Oh yeah, I forgot turning on the C-Gear completely reseeds. But, it does advance the IV frame. That's why C-Gear seeds start on frame 3, or at least I'm pretty sure that's why.

    :o That's a really good idea! Thank you soooo much! You're really smart :)

    Edit: Doesn't evolving nincada advance the IV frame by 7, since you're adding a pokemon to your party? So then I should bring 4 pokemon, walk 128 steps (By then I'm on frame 5) and then evolve Nincada. 5 + 7 = 12. Or does evolving Nincada not advance the frame?
    Hey, sorry to bother you, but is 712 too low of a PID to be aiming for in a winter seed? It seems that on my game cart, it rains all seasons except it snows in winter, so it's my only option >.<

    I'm currently searching for seeds, and found a Timid one with a PID of 712, but I think that's too low.

    Edit: I found a seed (Surprisingly) but the PID is 1761 and the IV frame is 26. Those are both a bit high. I might have to settle for this seed, though. I'll search through April and December (The other winter months) once August finishes and see if I find a better seed.

    Edit 2: Found a 4th seed, PID 1099 but IV frame 12 :( Would it be ok to use the C-Gear to advance the IV frame? Doesn't turning it on advance by 2? So if I turn it once, the turn it off right away I'd have 9 advances left, which is divisible by 3. Or would that basically ruin the consistency of my PID frame?
    Thanks a lot, i didn't uncheck Bus-Level timing. SoftReset box have to be checked? Then, i'll try again, hoping this time all will work
    Thanks for the watch. ^^
    Right now I'm using Kaphonics (or something like that) watch, but for some reason most of the addresses were wrong, so I had to look all of them up again. I found my egg-pid-address is directly affected by how many pokes i have in my party and if I'm breeding with ditto or not.
    Yeah.. stuff doesn't get updated very often. I might make a webpage to help with some of his stuff if I get a chance. I'm sure bond would host for me.

    Ok, I finished with Johto, but havent posted it yet. I'll do it tommorow because I may sleep soon...
    It's because kaphotics' approximation came directly from the formula I posted a few before his. He just made it more readable. I expect that either way you'd end up close in this scenario since it's 307 vs 314. I know there is more I haven't found yet.. but for now, it's close.
    Just so I don't spam the thread, I think I may have said 2 when I came up with that formula. It was going from memory since I don't have anything written down. If you haven't seen it yet though, here is the research I've done on the subject. It's incomplete but enough to get by for most things.
    Yeah, after one Chatot screen, I got a Hasty one. Thanks for the help. I'm curious though, why didn't my 240 steps advance the frame by 24?
    Hey, sorry I didn't see the VM until now. Already posted it in the RNG thread, but it's Alert to sounds.
    Hey, I just finihed updating my kanto section in my "Thread Designer" Social group.
    Ill update Johto later, and then hoenn tommorow, so you can see what you want to spend your 6 creds on. :p
    Thank you very much'! I'll try these seeds out. :D
    I should give you more credits for these lol. Ill update my thread thing tommorow And then you can pick stuff you like. I have a lot of amazing parents you can use for RNG'ing, and sadly, None of my pokes are shiny.
    Hey I am going to sleep soon. But thank you for helping me today, its really appreciated. :)
    If you have any questions, just VM me, and Ill be here tommorow!
    Alright, Sorry for the unrespnsive replies. Im multitasking atm.

    yep, frame 8 seeds for breeding.

    and no, no international parents
    That's prefect!
    I gather that 38 ia my start PID?

    Thanks! this is so helpful. :D
    I guess you could do three keypresses. if it sdoesnt work, acrew the attack stat, lol
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