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  • the parameters are constant, so if you find them once you can use them every time (at least on desmume, I dont know anything about other emulators). You can use save states, and they are really great because they also save MTIVRNG frame and PIDRNG frame.
    you always need to be at frame 8 for eggs, if you want them shiny too you need to choose a good PID frame but you should probably read the threads in wifi forum for more info on that
    I hope I understood your question right, if so:

    The parameters for an emulator are different from the normal DS, you have to fill in this in the DS Parameter Finder:
    VCount min 10 max 2F
    Timer0 min 300 max 6FF
    gxstat 6
    vframe 5

    hopefully that works for you :)
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