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  • Hi Varment.. I was referred to ur trading thread from another thread. I was wondering if you could help me breed/RNG a clefairy/cleffa(for competitive use)? Not sure what I'd have in trade for you, but we can talk about that if you are able to do this :)

    Clefable: Ability: Magic Guard
    Bold Nature
    - Moonblast - Knock Off* - Calm Mind - Soft-Boiled
    That is definitely possible, if you check my thread there are similar projects. I'd have to tutor knock-off in Platinum, but that's not much of an issue.

    I'm currently on a bit of a hiatus from pokemon as some stuff has come up in real life. I'm not going to be doing that much for the next little bit. Let me know what you have for trade and etc. and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
    Oh okay. I think that it would fill the nitch in my team. I won't breed or redis man this is for battle. :)
    Alright, glad it could be of use!
    You got a legit Chansey that came out of an egg? That's the Pokémon I definitely like for trade! Please take a look at my trade offers on the Simple Question/Requests thread.

    I saw you were asking about gen 5 ou battling. A lot of what i've been reading says that success is based off managing the weather and in general knowing the new sets and abilities.
    obviously aren't looking hard enough

    I can count 3 off the top of my head on here, and they're all on staff \(=^..^)/ <
    oh my bad! I totally thought you were a senior xD

    I'm going to next year, which is funny, because I was waitlisted at nearly every other school I applied to (Columbia, UChicago, etc.) straight up rejected by Cornell though, which I found really amusing. I'm happy with where I'm going now though!

    Don't stress too much about college apps, make sure your personal voice comes through your essays and through your character the content reveals itself. I tweaked my essays way too much and ended up killing any sense of me left in the words. Don't make that mistake! Good luck to you this coming year, and at Stanford iirc?

    and no I don't play pokemon anymore either, but the end of high school kind of made me nostalgic over a bunch of things, including pokemon.
    yeah man, its a bit late now, but community service and "leadership" is like the key thing ivies look for besides crazy good grades which I'm sure you have. me? i'm applying to the second easiest ivy to get into, brown, and some local area top tier schools. writing the essays such so hard though, uchicago gave me 6 >.>
    hey lol. yeah i have too much going on in life for pokemon. I can make yous some banners. send me an email.
    Yeah sure I will check when your done, Also on your thread it says your looking for to learn gen 5 abuse? I can easily help you out with that, Gen 5 RNG is imho the easiest RNG I have done.
    Wait... you can RNG breed on G3? That might be even better LOL!

    But yeah, eagerly await your thread's completion, and then maybe a marathon trading session. :)
    Well... I can help out with that.

    If you can RNG in G4, I can sketch up some projects for you to do. If not, maybe you can EV in G4 for me. And, of course, you might have some good stuff for me once you've finished your thread. :)
    Hey man, Yeah it has been awhile, I can Emerald RNG but im running out of battle points which im saving for my XD Pokemon when im done this current run. Tell me which things your interested in and I can give you a list of 3rd Gen breeds im looking for :), You can post on my new thread if there is a big list.
    Oh, you're in the same year as me then! I'm thinking of applying to Stanford / Ivys! Hit me up next year - we might be going to the same university sometime in the near future. BTW - protip - involve yourself in one extracurricular volunteer work with dedication, will get you a long long way with colleges in the US.
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