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  • Really digging your Curse Ferro team! Curse Ferro is a pain in the ass for my Moltres team (yeah i was that Moltres user that you pawned at the ladder), Sleep Talk Tornadus with two moves is a beauty, HP Ice Lando-T is the best, and you even have Zapdos! What's not to love? Really looking forward for a RMT of this team!
    Hey, thanks :)
    sick me too :)
    I see that you like to ignite debates throughout OU threads haha
    well lol hey mike. I'm david haha
    I wasn't expecting a name so that kinda caught me off guard lol
    LOL man(are you a guy or girl anyways ._.?), I'm literally all over the OU Forum haha.
    I just looked at all the recent posts and so many just go...Tabuu....Tabuu...Tabuu
    I feel like you're a good battler...and hopefully a good team builder hahaha
    Haha yeah. Ever since PS came out, I kinda dropped PO.
    Anyhow whenever you see Gear Second roaming on PS hit me up man.
    We'll battle or team build...or just plain out chill haha
    Got a PS or PO?
    Although I prefer PS...
    We should really get some heated teambuilding+battles n_n
    welll I cant stay on later than 9pm gmt+1 which is even before you end school, sorry
    Sorry, I didn't mean to sound harsh in my post =/. I hope I made the mission of the project more clear!
    we must have missed each other somehow

    vm me asap as soon as you see this i'll try to get back to you asap, apologies
    13 hours difference :(

    You can play over the next few days? I just need you to get on around the mornings (Probably 7AM - 11AM your time)
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