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  • Everything in the Bible definitely cannot fit logically. They threw books in and out of the New Testament without much discretion, then arbitrarily decided which should stay in a final cut in the early 400s. The works are written by humans and definitely have failings. I am not saying with that no one should believe in that god, but they should be focused more on the cores of the messages (the helping people parts, the trying to do good parts, the trying to love God/Jesus the most you can parts) rather than the nuances, since it is impossible to know which nuances are right or wrong, and some do not even fit together.

    I guess your view is probably right. I am not very good at being considerate of other opinions; I think that holding strong beliefs and not flinching is one kind of strength, and being more malleable and considerate is another, and I definitely 100% picked the former.
    Well the first result in what I linked is about pointlessness, so essentially meaning of life, but it was not really well written, and I have nuanced my stance a little since then anyway. I think that "relationships with other humans" and "pleasure" are all we really have, but I only fixated on the second part before.

    I wrote basically exclusively about either moral issues or general moral ideas; an issue being like animal cruelty, and more general ideas being like guilt. I think the best writings I had were on tradition and patriotism, probably because I feel more strongly about how wrong they are than most other aspects of moral codes.

    I do not care about religion, which is my entire stance. I mostly deal with religion in that I "have to", and I am a little antagonistic toward it, and probably a bit too self-satisfied in insulting religion and religious followers. I do care about politics a lot though, since humans actually decide matters, unlike clearly noninterfering gods.
    I tried writing some amateur philosophy, essentially, but gave up because I really just do not know enough or write well enough I feel like I just kind of have both this incomplete knowledge and rhetorical style. It is not a huge problem, but it certainly is a problem.

    Well, a person is not going to exactly take someone teaching you named CAPATIN KIRBY seriously if he or she does not know him, and most tutorees are relatively unexposed to smogon culture at large.
    Well (and this really was not me trying to show off, it is just the right word), it is much more like I have a predilection for words than a passion. I hope maybe one day I can get a little more serious and really learn to write better, but I am just so damn lazy.

    The name change part is not from name changing. I meant that since I have been around here for 8 years, people slate any change for the most part. The one I tried was Harlequin, which garnered such a reaction that my name was promptly changed to CaptCombee (Mekkah?) and then CAPATIN KIRBY (chaos). I think was the order of events, but it has been a while). I was actually fine with the last, since it was funny, but Aeolus said it was not acceptable when I became a tutor. Anyway, anything I have thrown out in #smogon like disgorge has also garnered a similar reaction to where I know that it is just not going to work out to change.
    Oh and I try to not consciously lie, outside of gaming where you lose a lot of the possibilities of gaming by not doing so. I like the words for the variety of what they describe: specious and spurious and fallacious with lines of reasoning; prevarication kind of fits in with them, but not really; libel and slander with desecrating someone's character; ruse and artifice kind of the same, but more like trapping the person than tearing them down; and then well mendacious is kind of just pretentious, but hey it sounds and looks nice.
    Oh it is not like I am obsessed with any of these words presently, although I used to love the word prevaricate quite inordinately. I "cannot" change my user name at smogon, far too late for that having been around since 2001, but I would still change it to some word I liked much more than any of these; everyone makes fun of the ones I personally like (rampant, disgorge), so maybe something like cachet.
    Well I meant deception and fraud (deceit and fraudulent being the forms I prefer of those words), but I more meant say libel, slander, specious, spurious, ruse/artifice, fabricate, mendacious, prevarication...with truth you have like truth, genuine, honesty, and verisimilitude.
    phew; incidentally, I find all the words for lying to be a lot more fun, there just seem to be so many ways to describe the different aspects of it, but for truth there is basically truth/honesty or not.
    Ohh lol, it's a togepi, I didn't noticed it, I tought it was some kind of fruit. It makes it look even better!
    OMG it's awsome!

    It's awsome!
    If it wasn't because I have the Kdabra avatar, I would use it.
    I am going to have to resign from this tournament due to my DS charger is broken and I need to get it fixed.
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