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  • Hey man! Great to meet you. Glad things went as well as they did for you (though just a little bit off). I was a little bit off myself. Here's the next year!
    Victory Star!!!! It was so nice meeting you again! I ended up defeating Mr. Arnold and I ended up being in the Top 8! I qualified for Worlds!!!! :D
    Hi. I'd like to get a Purotooga, but I already have the other pokes. Pick one of the dittos and we can arrange a time to trade. I have a few minutes now if you're not busy.
    Hey bro! How are you!? We should talk about game design sometime! I have so many questions to ask you! lol
    Sorry I didn't get a chance to give your cousin the Arceus. If he still wants it, just PM me some time we can setup a trade. My Soul Silver FC is 2966 1668 2944. Also good for battling :)
    My uncle is a pilot and could get me on a plane for free but my family hates his guts and I think he hates me cause of my family so I dont think I'm going either D: I really wanna enter that LCQ
    Really?! That's awesome! :D I wish I could have gone to the finals but I got really sick D: You going to hawaii with her?
    Hey congrats on getting 2nd place! You did really well! I made it into the top 16 so I did get an invite to attend nationals which I am currently planning to attend. I definitely be pulling out all my tricks now since I have an idea what the VGC is like now. :)
    I think I know you're cousin Marc; I'm Luke. He told me you're username.
    Not meaning to be creepy here...
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