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  • Hey Vin, Ik you're on hiatus but figure I owe you an update: So I got more info on how the WC8 thing works, and officially I'd have to say "no" since pkhex is literally genning the mon and injecting it into your game. I didn't understand that fully before. Obv if you've since traded a mon I won't hold you responsible but I'd ask you refrain from doing so further. Sorry for the back and forth!
    Seems you had an interesting and full off things year :P Well i ve been trying to graduate from uni almost there and after that i ll be looking for a job. Been out of Pokemon for while. No 3ds unfortunately. Are you getting back to 6th gen? The new games seem interesting
    Hey man its been ages since i have been here. How have you been? Off course i remember you :P
    Just finished my exams and taking some vacations till my semester begins. Well good luck with your exams:)
    Hey. I've tried to learn how to RNG Roamers from looking at guides, but I do much better with hands on advice. If you could help me out, any time you are free, that would be great. If not, that's cool too.
    Hey, I was wondering if you know how to find the parameters for Desmume? I kind of miss RNG abusing in 5th gen due to a broken top screen. (DS lite)
    You already taught me how to do them:) I just haven't been to 5th gen yet. Anw i will not trade them
    Sure i ll move them to my trophy case. Is it ok if i trade them to something of equal value? I mean if i got asked for them and it's something really need from the trade until i get mine done?
    just one question, i thought OT can be maximum 5 latin characters in 3rd gen japanese games, correct me if i'm wrong.
    i am interested in the HP Ice timid accelgor, and am offering a flawless Chimchar, your choice of nature
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