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  • You posted a CMT for my Careful BodySlam Jirachi. I have thought of a project I would like.

    Shiny Nidoking
    Sheer Force
    Flawless IV's
    Timid and Modest Nature
    An undecided nickname for each and a default name one for my trade thread.

    I thought of a project of something you do not have yet and I also picked the type of project you perfer the most. Do this project and give me 3 credits in your thread and ill trade the Jirachi. Let me know if your interested and if you are I'll post it up in my thread.
    I have managed to RNG the .sav with Shiny Timid/Modest 31/x/31/30/31/31 spreads on it. Will RNG the Manaphy tomorrow, it'll probably be ready on Monday I guess.
    I'm not interested in that tornadus, I can get one from Tolanator anyway.
    Thanks for the trade, I meant the regice clone while trading the murkrow.

    I can do Cps in 3rd gen, yeah, depends on what you ask though :D
    I just found a 31/x/31/30/31/31 Timid/Modest spread I'll RNG it today.
    The research has found a seed with ID 00021 but SID 38621, and it's already delay 38,853. Is this ID/SID ok? SID with 00021 would surely be on 100,000+ delay I suppose.
    Hi, yes I still want your murk, can you use my white ita FC? It was your murk for my regice iirc, so you can get the other two regis with the remaining credits.
    Hey, I accidentally did the wrong IV's in the time finder (for breeding) and I put the mothers one for the fathers one. Though their IV's are 31/31/31/31/31/31 and 31/31/26/31/31/31.

    Would it be okay if I went and used the results I got for it already since theirs only 1 different IV and I'm going for a flawless Reuniclus?
    Regarding purrloin
    I'm not sure if it needs any egg moves
    but Encore/Charm/Fake Tears/Foul Play could get some use I think
    just get a smeargle and start sketching like never before
    yes. it took a while to get the perfect egg. but getting it shiny took a long long time. i used my computer and some emulators to get a bunch of different ids and sids. then I kept redoing the pid of the egg so that it matched one of the one combinations of ids and sids so that it would be shiny. then i traded the egg to that sav and hatched it there for it to be shiny. finally, i traded it back, evolved it, taught it some moves, and migrated it. it was a long process to say the least.
    It's no problem for me if you want to put it in your trade thread :)

    I really gtg now, it's 1:30 am XP See you tomorrow.
    It's cool I won't redis it. I'll RNG the egg on another .sav then trade the egg on the RNG abused .sav to hatch it shiny. And sure i'll see if I can find a spread with the SID of 00021 too xD I even RNGd .savs with over 40,000 delay.
    I was wondering if you know how to check and see what Shiny spreads a players has on the 5th gen.?

    If you do, can you help me and check to see if I have a shiny spread that I can use to get a shiny naive ice hp Tornadus?
    oh my dear... I don't even have a shiny timid 31/x/31/30/31/31 spread, but for shiny naive/ice dusk ball Tornadus all this and much more.

    Tomorrow I'll be RNGing a Timid/Modest 31/x/31/30/31/31 shiny spread on my platinum then I'll RNG it. Since I start from scratch, would you like a specific OT, ID and SID on my next RNG'd file .sav?

    You'll be able to redis it, too.
    Please tell me whatever you want for that Naive/Ice Tornadus!

    ( I can still catch the Calm shiny Dive Articuno + I have a shiny adamant rayquaza in a luxury ball quint-flawless)
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