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  • can you fill that for me/? I literally don't know anything about parameters,vcount etc im a little old on this and I don't know anything about 5 gen
    man, it would be awesome if you post in the Doubles thread like good ole times :(
    Sorry to bother you, Voodoo, I know i'm not well liked around Pokecheck, but I have a question. For some reason, the search function has been going haywire for me, and I can't even use filters. Is this a bug? Or does the website just not like me?
    [noparse]Username: The Agonist
    Link to trade thread/list of your Pokemon available: Smogon thread, or Pokecheck
    Actively accepting requests (Y/N): Yes, any BW/BW2 requests, except some legendaries.
    Willing to train Pokemon too (Y/N): Yes, but only if you ask nicely.
    Generations RNGed/bred: Generation 3 (Emerald), and Generation 5 (all games).
    Move tutoring (which gens too): Generation 4 (HGSS), and Generation 5 (BW2)
    Preferred method of contact: VM here, post in my thread, #smogonwifi or #vgc.[/noparse]
    voodoo pimp are you around? I haven't seen you on #doubles lately :<

    May you start a new round of ladder conquest? Just update the 2nd post of Double Conquest with the new deadline and make a new post stating that round 3 has started!
    Hey we're paired for the VGC Minitour. When can you play? I'll be able to play almost anytime on weekdays, just let me know when you wanna play.
    voodoo pimp, may you update the post for ladder conquest with the following information: new points breakdown and every 100 rated games = 5 points (this includes any alt, not just the fresh registered alts).

    Sidfrid helped me out with the team. If you have a Chople berry and a Rindo berry laying around, seeing no use, I would love to have those. Otherwise, I have everything set. But thanks for the response ^^
    hey man, do you know what method fr/lg uses to generate wild pokemon like your scyther? like, what version of method H do i use?
    I'll be online today at around 5:30 for about an hour. That would be the best time for me. If that doesn't work for you though, I can do anytime tonight starting at 9:00 pm and onwards (all times us eastern). So if you would like to do it later, please give me a specific time and I'll be on.
    Hey man, what time are you going to be on tomorow so we can have our VGC battle for the tourny?
    Will you be able to trade today? I will be online from, I think 4 PM to 11 PM, if not 11:30 PM today (GMT +1). If that time period fits you, maybe we can do the trade?
    Sounds good. I should be able to be online at that time, if nothing I can't control happens and I have to be somewhere else. I'm in GMT +1, so I'm assuming it's in the evening for me.
    They all sound great. If we could set up a time for a trade, it would be awesome. I think Saturday would be the best day due to timezone differences, but just say a time that fits you the best and we'll go with that.
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