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  • yeah np i can clone the togekiss for you
    do you need copies of the ludicolo as well? i have both versions still

    if your on haha
    KK im done eving ludicolo
    also replaced hydropump and counter with sub and protect and gave him dark pulse to hold
    got him to lvl 50 aswell because 46 is an odd number =/

    care to pick him up now?
    I am rebreeding the Aron so it will be Adamant and I need the Jolly one and the soon to be Adamant ones to be cloned by a friend. The Jolly one to be cloned as it is a male and just in case people want more Arons of different natures. I can't clone, but I have someone to clone for me, I would recommend the simple requests thread for you to clone pokemon. Finally, I would be okay with the Aron and a credit on my thread, unless you want both Arons.
    will you be able to trade today for sohfalco's lavitar i asked for armoraflora's evd ludicolo not sure if you responded :)
    I'll post on your thread, but the timid HP fire Shaymin really interests me. :-)
    Hi. Did you see up in my thread about taking CrazyHippo off my thread? I though I should warn you to take a closer look at her. The one traded to me had shiny colours and did not have either the red Pokedex numbers or the shiny star. Also, one other member hinted that it shouldn't be shiny at all.
    Hey, did you ever get my response to your CMT? Well anyway, I like that shiny adamant rhyhorn, UT. :)
    anyways, I finally have a clone of the octillery, so when you see me online dont hesitate to vm/pm me since it seems like you went offline or inactive at the very least
    if I find a cloner real quick then yeah, also I need to apologize for me taking so long
    How about one full trade because im gonna sleep after this. I like aroma flora's flawless shiny lucario, test101s smeargle and aroma flora's ludicolo
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