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  • How did you RNG that Moltres you used in your BT streak? I had thought it was impossible in XD and unreliable in FRLG? I'd love to get one for myself! Thanks.
    Hey waffles101, I'm Enoch, a dedicated Monotypist.

    With the presence of the "OU Monotype" Tier in the permanent "Other Metagames" Section on Pokemon Showdown!, the Monotype Community and it's home in the Thread you started would appreciate a better place to call theirs. As Arcticblast mentioned below, either you managing the Thread or passing the responsibility to another would be much appreciated.

    Thank you!
    Hey, the Monotype thread you posted in Other Metagames (over two years ago...) is... well, ugly (through no fault of your own). Would you mind if let somebody revamp the thread?
    Hello, im you opponent for smogon tour my time zone is GMT -5 and im pretty much free every every weekend and most weekdays 5-7pm it does not matter to me when or how soon we play so just tell me what is good for you.
    Hey, what time is it now in your time (I'm GMT+1 btw)? You have time? And where do you want to battle? I prefer PO2 but Showdown would also be ok.
    No roles, just do all the games that you want, but make sure you at least attempt a score. It won't be hard to submit a score for HGSS, considering the event is easily accessed, although since I don't have Emerald I would like you to cover that one too.
    hey. i was wondering. are u the same "i liek mudkkips as the old syrtis marksman on regnum online? if not then ignore me lol if u are then im tauros. ;)
    Not atm, just got back into the mood for PO, sorry
    But I will be at 6:00 cst, catch me at that hour then
    I wasn't aware that you were on everyday. I didn't mean to be a dick, I was just really trying to get the match done. Sorry if I offended you.
    No offense but is there a reason you don't ever respond? I've been trying to schedule a match forever and you rarely respond.
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