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  • Hi Waltz :) How are you lately :3
    I was wondering if you had the Metang ready by anychance? No rush, just checking :D
    Hi Waltz :D
    I would like these Nicknames:

    Venusaur: Fushigibana
    Garchomp: Gaburias
    Bronzong: Dohtakun

    No nickname of the other :3 Thanks so much for this :D
    Im shifting my pokes to 5th Gen, can we trade after? my Rayquaza + Skarmory for Lv.100 EVd TR Reunclius + Frosslass + can I get the Banette?
    Ah i see, imo the bannette>sableye(i just really love bannette) especially if its caught in a dream world ball but i wont be picky. Is it possible to trade for the bannette then? If so cmt or i can do a 5th gen BP. As for my poke for semi redist right id like to have hydreigon if that is ok
    I should be on in a couple hours, so that time can work for me. Just message me when you're ready to trade.
    Sorry, I missed just you this afternoon - atm I don't have wifi access. I will try and catch you at the same time tomorrow you VM'd me today. (3pm GMT)
    Great :D I'll post in your thread again once I get up :)
    Of course you can have both, your the one being so generous with the freebies (how cool is the Mightyena? :D)
    Signing off for now, talk to you again soon. (Oh and I apologize for VMing you when I should have posted in your thread. Its just so late and I'm getting confused with all these thread... lol)
    Yeah, np on deoxys (did you want bold or calm? actually I can give you both) and Lugia :D Was there others you like by any chance? Cos there are other wonderful pokes in your thread I love, just didn't want to scare you with a long first post xD
    Also are you able to clone back for me by any chance? If not I would need to get a friend to help me clone first, he uses AR to clone, are you okay with that?
    Cheers :3

    Edit: I gotta get to bed, its almost 5am here in Sydney :'D I'll talk to you more about this tomorrow :3 Good night
    :D Its a really cool idea!! :) Dont give Icearceus his pokemon....give them to me >:D I deserve them :'(
    lol jk
    OK! :D I cant trade not tho :(
    Dang I almost got first prize >.> lol Oh well, VM me when your online so I can pick up dat pokeman up :)
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