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  • Ya bro! Our whole group is going up to St. Louis for the Winter Regional. I don't think we'll be going to a spring one though. What about you?
    Lol, I have nothing to say! We're terrible. I talked crap to Reed a couple of weeks before the game too. Stupid me.
    I will definitely go next year! I'm pretty sure I said the same thing last year but I really do mean it this time haha
    I heard a few other people mention a flamethrower Slowking. Guess it caught a lot of people off guard lol. It gives me some pretty interesting ideas to experiment with. Anyway, yea 5-3 isn't bad at all! I'm glad you had fun
    Ouch. That's rough. But 6th isn't so bad! The highest I ever got was 8th. How's your team looking? Are you trying out something completely new?
    I wish :/ I planned to go to the one in Houston, but the timing with school for me was seriously the worst thing ever lol. I thought about nationals but I decided to sit this year out. I was a little unprepared anyway haha. What about you? How'd regionals go?
    Good luck out there this weekend! Kick some butt for us poor souls who couldn't make it lol
    Yeah this year he's progressed to the point of playing on PO (as of yesterday, but still). They need to let him use a type chart at the tournament or otherwise he might Fake Out a ghost, which he's done twice D:
    Sure, but I can just make it available for you on Pokecheck and you can download the .pkmn file that way, if that's okay with you
    Yeah and if I read the post correctly Dream World seeds are now the same as standard seeds, no more delays for DW abilities!

    edit: delays in the rnging sense, not as far as actually waiting haha
    Oh ok, I don't have a Cresselia though, can't RNG in gen 4 :/ Ready for BW2 though because Cress is a standing legend in them!
    Yeah, the first time I lived with 7 HP, that specific mon lived a Draco Meteor by 5 HP too, I just know one of these days it's gonna wind up not living one when it counts! What other Pokemon are you missing? I could probably help you get them.
    Yeah that's the idea, you wanna play a few more with your other teams? (po or wifi doesn't matter) I need all the practice I can get too xD
    Yeah, I was taking a risk there; I was going to Protect Abomasnow and Heat Wave with Chandelure but decided that was the obvious play, though I didn't expect a switch :P Definitely a gg though, your team is really good.
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