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  • Even though I agree with you, let's not start something in this situation. Given the circumstances, better to just let that one be.
    There may be ways to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies, and that would obviously be a good thing, but unwanted pregnancies will happen anyway, and you have to figure out what to do about them. If, *hypothetically*, we could objectively show that a fetus is only human after three months, then we can allow abortions up to that point. Since abortion is a valuable service to women suffering from an unwanted pregnancy, it's important to think about it. Or consider the morning-after pill: I think it's pretty clear that the fetus is just an insignificant lump of cells at that point. Banning that pill on the grounds that it might kill a "human" is asinine. Saying "you made a mistake, deal with it" solves nothing. You want to know what mistakes are okay to "correct", and let people correct them, not unilaterally declare that all mistakes of a certain type cannot be undone.
    Because not knowing where a threshold is exactly does not mean we can set it to a value that's obviously incorrect. Consider the concept of a "large tomato" for example. You can pick a tomato and tell yourself that okay, that's a normal tomato. And you can pick some other tomato and tell yourself, man, that is a BIG tomato. Now, at what exact size is a tomato "big"? We don't really know that, and it's even somewhat subjective.

    Your argument is akin to saying that because we don't know at what point a tomato is big, then we should say that all tomatoes are big. That is just plain false! If the embryo is not valuable after 30 seconds, then we can't decide that it is human before that, that would just be plainly incorrect. We don't know the exact point, but we do know it is AFTER that, so it's senseless to set it before.
    I've actually read that book, but I didn't recognise the paraphrase :) Great reference then!
    There are two kinds of freedom. "Freedom from" and "freedom to." As an adult you have freedom to do lots of cool shit. As a kids you have freedom from lots of lame shit. <- amazingly well-said.
    Ah, thank you! I wasn't thinking of manticores at all while designing it, so now that you've pointed out the resemblance I'm slightly miffed I didn't think of it and put in more direct details :P
    Thanks a lot for the comment,
    It's much appreciated!
    I'll see if can fix up my design anytime soon.
    Thanks, Wikey. I was surprised to see it make it this far as I didn't notice it making much of an impact early on.
    Now see, let me explain my reasoning on the chosen color scheme. I looked at the two side by side and thought, "How am I to know that this is a fighting pokemon without knowing any of its backstory? Well, assuming that I don't know its backstory, I would first, assume it's flying because of clouds. Next, hmmmmmmmm well I guess its green so that must mean its grass! Well wait, It's a large round mammal, it could be normal too. Goodness knows we don't need another normal/flying pokemon." So I decided that the red/yellow color scheme was better for the pokemon overall. I think it solidly puts it in the realm of fighting rather than grass. Thank you for all your support along the way! :D
    I was thinking that too. It looked wrong to me...

    I'll change it to -2 for my own gut feeling.
    Hello again! I agree. I think the green one would be the better piece of art. However, I don't think it fits the concept quite as well :/ Thank's for all the feedback you've given me!
    :'( That's mean. Ah well, I'll live. For George is a true bro, and he will STILL Hammer Arm the crap out of those Eevees.
    I didn't even respond to TIK, since his bit of "trolling" was, as usual, mediocre at best. Actually I found it quite amusing since he's not so pretentious about his trolling like Morm is. Or rather, was.
    For our ASB battle, I would be perfectly fine lowering the number of POkemon used. I would prefer 2 vs 2 though.
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