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  • yo it's phoopes (the name change is a long story lol), I was randomly stalking some VM walls and saw that you were setting up a Discord server for the old PL crew. I don't use Discord that much but count me in if it ended up happening!
    yes :) i haven't listened to chevelle in quite some time but i heard a few songs of theirs lately and i've been in a kick with them ever since
    it seems rather.. interesting, at the very least. i think that there are a few possibilities you can work with, but the best way to go about it imo is sub > eq and salac berry > eviolite. you do lose a bit of setup ability, but then again you have a guaranteed set-up on alomomola and other stuff you can force out, like regirock maybe. you also get the salac boost which lets you outrun even scarf rotom-a. even at +6 though, poliwhirl struggles with stuff like amoonguss (it only 2hkoes), carracosta, and other physically defensive grass-types etc.

    it's a bit of a gimmicky set, but it's viable in the sense that it's usable, at the very least. you'd really need optimal conditions for it to work properly, though, especially since it has little use outside of trying to grab a set-up opportunity. :(
    Hey, did you ask about PS source code? Haven't see you on PL so asked here.
    btw PS beta is out. Cya~
    Mostly a creep but also beats out greedy rhyperiors who don't invest more than 1 Speed ahead.
    Oh! Hi WillSO! Didn't know you have a smogon acc! I didn't try to find PL members here :O cya around
    If you see a guy named "The Proffessinality" on PL, could you ask him this:

    "Tomtom wants to know if the Pokémon you bred him are redistributable"

    To be honest, I'm kinda busy and I've currently lost interest in Pokemon. Maybe in the future I'll continue it, but in the meantime its a resounding no.

    However, I do have a few more multigeneration updates lying on my hard drive that I haven't pushed up to a remote repository. I can send you them if you want.
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