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  • I'm at work at the moment...on lunch break...haha...but that means no pokemon...umm...lets shoot for tomorrow night. Does that work for you
    well I was on my iPod and about to go to bed so I didn't even see your message... Any chance you can get on this afternoon?
    ok thats fine. im gonna be online a lot, i dont really have a set time that im always online. if you're active it really shouldnt be hard to find me!
    hey so im ready whenever you are. contact me via vm, or on irc as "kev". irc is probably the better way to go since i dont always refresh smogon
    yeah thats fine. im going to be leaving for about a week on new years eve / new years (around 12, lol) so well have to get it done sometime between 25th and 30th. im pst as well, so that should work out well for coordinating
    Hey we still have two matches to finish up before the deadline. I'll try and be on as much as possible so we can get them done. 4pm - midnight EST alright?
    I can stay up til around 1 am EST (I think that's 10pm by you). I will be back from college visits for the weekend so we should be able to get the matches done then. Remember it's a best of three.

    I have the same name on PO so it shouldn't be too hard to find me.
    hey I'm your opponent for round 1 can you VM me back as soon as possible? I'm also going to be inactive for the next few days so I hope to get this done as soon as possible.
    tonight is no good, but tomorrow i can do
    i'll be home just about all day
    1pm central time tomorrow?
    I'm on central time so I'm sure we can work something out. Just let me know whenever you are free.
    I'm not at home right now though so I'll message you when I do get home.
    We will be facing each other in the Third Stage Tourney.
    I can be avaliable Saturday and Sunday night (PST)
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