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  • I never got a chance to tell you congratz for winning Phoenix Regionals, there might be one this year in april may be not. I just wondered what ever happened to you and Carlos. Hope to see you guys at regionals or nationals!!
    And for four days now! Maybe I can keep up this old woman act. We'll probably want to put it on halt Friday and Saturday night though. :)
    I have a very selective memory. Like I'll always remember those movies that turn you around, but I will never remember the name of that movie we're supposed to watch...Unless it turns you around, of course.
    Trust me, I wish I was! I can only be away from home for so long. I don't even remember what anyone back home sounds like anymore :/
    That's a long time for a teenage girl like me! We might not even be friends anymore cause of my crazy mood swings! :P
    I can't wait 'til we are in the same time zones!! Only a little over a month left!
    I'm sorry, girl's gotta eat!! I missed every wasted second of precious chats. :(
    Nice! I can't believe you actually beat IPL. Are you going to be using the same team?
    Okay, wait, no. It's on my friend's game. (The game is at my house) The games Wi-Fi doesn't work and I have to trade it to my game which might take a while because I don't have access to another DS at the moment. I can probably get it back by tomorrow, I think. Sorry.
    Actually my dad used it. Lol, first battle he got in it then ran. His opponent and the judge helped him get started then he won. Do you need the T-Tar back?
    Hey xerograde could I borrow that Tyranitar you used at the VGC? I'm going to Dallas so I would need it tonight.
    Great job out there today! Wish I could have said grats in person but they seemed to have you tied down with an interview or something.

    See you at Nationals!
    well this is where i feel so stupid for not realizing that that was 09, not 10.

    congrats anyways xD
    You'd BETTER friend me. ;)


    congrats bro I KNEW that team was SOLID!!
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