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  • Well I am more of a collected and rely on donations for my flawless Pokemon. I am only good enough for correct natures, IVs, and egg moves. I however have yet to get very far in the dream world.

    I am just wondering by any chance do possess a spare Flawless DW Impish Gliscor?
    Perhaps a giveaway? I hear that if you are active you get to participate in TR giveaways. But to my knowledge I never have heard of our group having a giveaway.
    ok cool ive put some new pokes on my team as well i will be able to for sure tomorrow stay tuned for today
    Yeah HP Fire in invaluable in 5th gen, and make sure to message boss because I can't do anything atm
    Yeah you could've definantly took out my Rash Flygon especially after that first Fire Blast.

    I'm seriously think I should EV train a SuperChi, I underestimated it first but it seems like it's worth it. I'm still waiting on boss to make me a badge so I guess you should get it from him
    Well I was planning on saccing Flygon to whatever move you locked yourself into if you were scarfed, and killing you off with EQ in case you were bluffing. Also that Overheat miss along with using StealthRocks>Explosion really costed me, but I guess you deserved the former due to the DracoMeteor crit. Either way it was a fun match and I got to test out my Background code as well :), and now I have to EV train a HP Ground timid Jirachi.

    Sorry for the late reply though, I had to take out the trash right after the battle.
    Let me know what you are having problems with. If it is something I have already learned I will be glad to help. If it is something I have yet to learn I will know where to go to get answers.
    Im lucky in everything except the roamers lol
    I dont think sav would work since the game would recognize its not in tune with an actual game
    but like i said before no rush! I can attempt to look for one in the mean time
    But I hope you get a good one and it dosent take to long!
    So....this is random but iv seen a bunch of people being helped by you and was wondering if you could help with something?
    If not I understand (:
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