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  • For anyone doubting my credibility I'm sorry. I never save any replays, which I realized I should start doing that, and I make new accounts on showdown with a new team once I hit 1900 with an old one. I'll start saving replays so no one thinks I'm a liar. I'm not the best player. I don't have time to enter any tournaments, so I only really play for fun. If you would like to play with me don't be afraid to say hi!:)
    I'm just some guy who plays Pokemon. My biggest achievements were hitting 1925 on the OU ladder, and hitting 2000 points every season on the Nintendo Battle Spot on the SM and USM games. I still feel I can improve greatly so if you would like to build teams or offer advice don't be afraid to talk to me!:) I'd be happy to meet people!:)
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