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  • Hi, Xyra. I'd like to do our SBP trade. I'm the one who did the adamant Ludicolo. Could you give me a VM when you're available. I'd like to get your EVed version, please, provided it's still level 50 and under.
    Well, do you know anyone with Pokerus? Also try connecting to wifi and find out the error code it gives. It might just be something stupid that you can easily fix. If not you can go to a friends house or something and mooch off their wifi!
    Why not, I have a lot nothing to do for now, right now the only key things to remember are the frame advancements and if you understand those, similar to how you do when breeding, you should have no problem.

    I would only choose to do it on HGSS because you can actually check what frame you are on there, if you have to on DPPt it will be a lot more annoying...
    I know how to, but this is wondercard abuse which is a real bitch when the nature isn't set, I have a 1/25 chance to get the nature coupled with the IVs which means you have to hit your seed and frame and on DPPt you can't check your frame! Capturing pokemon is no where near that hard as you have multiple tries to hit the frame normally and the Nature and IV's are made together.
    Well I meant to say it more of a thanks for convincing me to continue to RNG the Deoxys, without you and all the other people on the Discuss my Pokemon thread I would have never gotten the flawless Hasty Deoxys.

    I am giving everyone who helped me continue a clone of this Deoxys for free if you would like one just ask me. It is non-redis due to how long I was working on it as you may have realized by how I finally got it after a few days.
    Hmm I have someone already doing it. I think I got the final parts down, but if you want you can help for a lot of credits. Or if you do help me finish I guess you can get infinite credits! hah
    I should make an FAQ xD

    Backsprites will simply be resized normal ones cleaned up, they aren't a priority at all though (I.E. don't waste your time doing them).

    Battle screen also doesn't matter to the project.
    Hey Xyra. Just wondering if you have wifi now so that we could finish up our trade.
    Decided i want EXACTLY what i posted im gonna leave now but if you decide to do it just send me a PM/VM and what you want as a payment.
    Well im not trying to get a Trick room team i just want Snorlax because he is a beast so i want 31 Ivs on speed just in case :P can you do it?
    PS: im asking for munchlax to know when he loves me :D
    Okay yea that does seem stupid how about Adamant
    also what place are you gonna hatch him at?
    Yes it does ;) send me a PM with your e-mail and I will send you one back. We can meet on msn sometime and I can explain the basic principles to you.
    Yes regular payment for a CP is 3 credits, which can be anything from move tutoring, to EV training, to pokés from your thread, etc, etc. Please VM me when your WiFi is up again.

    I won't trade it away without you getting it first, and if someone CMT's for it once you have it, I will direct them to your thread.
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