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    am online whenever ur ready

    am online whenever ur ready
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    Post here if you want a name change. I can't change your name but I'll tell you what you should change it to

    thinking of publicly rebranding to "xz" for reasons lifted from mf's marketing team. thoughts?
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    The Well #68 - brightobject

    favorite manga in general? any crackhead one piece theories? mine is that gold roger is luffy from the future. how does it feel knowing that, in the labs final days, you (and molk) actually succeeded in developing firebot
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    I'm a poster

    i like posting. its fun and easy to do
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    Well #69 voting

    if you want to vote for mace then vote for both of his personas. ive contacted the authorities to remove the impostor mace
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    Well #69 voting

    "A stranger is being shown around a village that he has just become part of. He is shown a well and his guide says "On any day except Tuesday, you can shout any question down that well and you'll be told the answer." The man seems pretty impressed, and so he shouts down, "Why not on Tuesday?" A...
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    Page 5

    az's most ambitious project yet; page 5. the buildup to the project calls upon POSTERS from the SUBFORUM. to post. however, will it live up to the hype. ive actually received a reviewers copy of page 5 in the mail, alongside my other mail. it was sent to me as a dvd. proof below: upon placing...
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    post your theories

    im of the theory that jfks head just did that on its own
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    Resource Doubles Overview, Rules, and Q&A - Ask Questions Here! (Resource Index Inside)

    gimmicky strats and traditional singles walls are countered easily in doubles with the use of taunt, fake out, simply ignoring the passive mon, and even double targeting (attacking one opponent with both of your mons.) any doubles player that is either: somewhat decent and / or knows the...
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    how would you describe your sense of humor?

    i enjoy seeing a funny joke every now and then.
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    Video Game Music

    since we are just listing favorites here are some of my top picks. in no particular order.... rocket jump waltz (tf2) wine wars (witcher 3) strider battle + garage combine (half life alyx) wind guide you (skyrim) vs champion (frlg) wind scene (chrono trigger) in temeria (witcher 2) -...
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    well #69 (lol) nominations

    i am no such tyrant. nominating antemortem
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    NEW: wittybot blitz. with only less than a minute to be funny, how will you fare? here are some samples of our --nipples protruding-- wittybot veterans' ingenious blitz posting.
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    well #69 (lol) nominations

    who will be subjected to the prestigious 69th smogon well? YOU, the PEOPLE of SMOGOFF decide. 1. Tag someone you'd like to see in the well in this thread. Nominations are open until Friday 2. Voting will then occur over the weekend, with the winner being informed on Monday 3. The winner's well...
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    sounds good

    sounds good