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  • Umm, what about Pokemon which have 2 or 3 base stats identical but not the rest (e.g. Mismagius)? Are those allowed?
    Usually in the afternoons, mostly about 4-6 PM GMT -5. Also, you're back. Nice. I was kinda hoping for an actual win for once...
    Well, I managed to get back early. There's an hour left on the deadline...
    Alright, I'm going to *try* to hover around until about 2pm, so I can watch the BotW, but then I have things to do. Playing tomorrow is almost completely out of the question. Hopefully we can get this done...
    If by some chance you're still around to read this message tonight, I'll probably be around for a few hours, so send me a message if you can.
    Do you have free time tonight or tomorrow? Friday is REALLY iffy as of now and I'm not actually trying to be around during Saturday and Sunday. If need be, I can try and log on Sunday at the last possible hour, but there'd be no promises on that.
    I'm actually online right now. Give me about 10 minutes and we can play if you'd like.
    Well, I'm free just about any day this week (technically not Wednesday, but I can set aside some time), so would you like to try and battle this week or would you prefer to get it done on the weekend?
    I'm unlikely to be available this weekend, so it's best if we try and get this done tomorrow evening or Friday.
    I might be available during the day tomorrow, but very unlikely during the evening. When do you want to try and get this done?
    Well I guess set aside a time that's best for you tomorrow. I should be completely available after 5pm.
    I should be available this afternoon, so send me a message for when you want to play.
    That sounds good to me. I'll post in the group that we mat need an extension if that doesn't happen.
    We need to schedule a time for our battle. I can battle tomorrow or Thursday, but after that I wont be able to(VGC and other personal stuff).
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