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  • Never mind, I found you. (You should know what I mean) I saw a few grammatical errors, and so I suggest this book that was so helpful to me; it's called "Eats, Shoots and Leaves". Link to it on Wikipedia Here
    I don't care, since it'll be running a resttalk set. your choice, but breeding would be better in case one of us decides we want to use pain split
    hey Yellow. I came up with a project that I'd like you to do, and if I remember correctly you wanted to do it anyway. a Calm HP[fighting] spiritomb. I'm testing this over my other spiritomb variant, and it'd be helpful if you could do the breeding. I don't have the breeding slots to do it :/
    hey Yellow. When are you available today for me to call? is there any time that I shouldn't call? I won't for a while, since Lunch has yet to be served, but once I'm done eating I should be able to call you
    I need the 5 Adamant spreads that are above and the five that are below this METHOD TWO frame 36484. I'm having trouble syncing this one, and I don't know what spread I keep hitting(have gotten the same Admant spread 5 tiems in a row). btw, if you're open to me calling before 5:00 my time then go ahead and say so. I can call any time now
    yeah. I've got MORE than a box of that stuff, but I can EV just fine. in fact, I'll EV some of your stuff if you do some RNGing for me. I won't keep a copy if they really hate the idea, but usualy Partner redis is fine anyway. ok, so I can call you after 5:00pm my time?
    I could care less whether it's shiny or not. in fact, it would happen that the time that I tell you what I want, someone actualy shows up with one lol. Sorry about that. Something else that I'm going to breed soon(unless you do it first) is a Machamp, and if you want to do that then be my guest. sorry about the telling you about somethign and not needing it now. btw, HAPPY NEW YEAR :) can I call you this weekend?
    Well, I've been looking for a Calm Blissey (with aeromatherapy) and there's been nobody who wanted to trade. orriginaly I wanted you to help me get a Spiritomb, but I've got one now. if you want to do the Blissey that'd be great. I almost had my first RNG the other day, but I accidentaly saved while hatching the egg, and it turns out I missed my frame by 1 X(
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