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  • From what I understand 5 IV's and higher are very hard to breed for and the statistics from what I read scared me so bad that I wont try unless I have an action replay that allows me to hatch eggs on auto mode lol. Now where going to do a run through on getting these IV's next. Im going to PM you how I do it unstead of sending some stupid guide.
    Sure ide love to be of some help. First I have a flawless ditto cloned but its on my 4th gen game so I need to get a couple of copies on my 5th gen and ill get you one. Ok, the first thing is that you only need power items to contract one IV as the statistics for getting a IV with a power item are very consentraited meaning that if only focuses on that one stat so attaching 2 power items some how cancels the statistics out. How Idk? Now that we got that out of the way lets look at a couple of things about diffrent pokemon. You have sweepers/mixed sweepers and then you have walls/tanks/sponges. For me I make things easy with sweepers by breeding with 2 to 3 IV's as all they will be doing is revenge killing so all 4 IV's are useless unless you find differenly my opinon. As far as mixed sweepers I usally do 3 (att/spa/speed). When it comes to walls/sponges/tanks I breed up to 4 IV's.
    Why dont you breed for @ least 4 IV's? Are you using the right breeding mechanics?
    Sure, I'll take the Conkeldurr. Btw, you don't mind cloning the Dratini for me?
    finally, 10+ people have visited your userpage! only took two years. interesting post in the what we desire thread, will reply in a bit.
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