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  • I'm in my second semester at university, it's going well but I'm very busy. What do you plan on doing after you finish high school?
    i just got your avatar, its a golden rectangle being divided into squares!
    nm bro smogon tour atm, suspect round 5 has been paused, and smogon forums might go through some changes.
    yeah, I'm leaving for summer and shit, so this has been passed on to Satan Soul after a rather amusing PM
    cool. lol dude you've been off since april 18th I got lucky enough that you got on the day after I VM'ed you XD!
    Hey zapper, I noticed you have a 5th gen. article on offensive sandstorm that hasn't been touched for a while, would you mind if I took over? I have quite the amount of experience with 5th gen. sandstorm since that's the only thing I've been using...
    Hey broseph I feel it may be necessary to schedule a match time if we continue to miss each other. I feel like we should aim to get this done rather soon. This upcoming weekend is going to be rather hectic for me, but maybe late Sunday would be good? After that I'm available after around 8 PM GMT -6 most every day. Tell me what times work for you! Of course if we're both online at the same time at any point we can try and battle then.
    Also I'm making a few changes in terms of changing the mood from "these Pokemon are incredible!" (which isn't bad, I just don't think it's what we should try to put in an article) to a more informative style.
    Regarding the article I think we're going a bit overboard in terms of SS sweepers. Jirachi and Flygon, while they may see play on teams with a Sandstreamer and Landlos/Dory aren't really abusing the sandstorm. I don't know, how in depth do we want to go?
    I've essentially been not working on the SS article until these current rounds of voting clear up weather this gen, (especially the outcome of sandstorm).
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