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  • Meh, decently. Next week I'm going on a "school-trip" for 2 days just to see a basketball game -_-
    I can't wait to battle again as well :)
    I have a lot to do for school lately, but I think I can manege a few moments to battle you a coupla of times ^^
    Hey Zazzy, happy Newyear. Sorry I wasnt online for a long time, but my pc crashed and I had to download poemon online all over again. Also making my teams again, stuff like that. It took a while, but I'm ready again ^^

    I'm playing allready for a week I think on the smogon server.
    I'd probably download a fresh copy of Pokemon Online and install it. That should hopefully overwrite all your old changes and allow you to start from scratch again. Good luck!
    Sorry for the wait i was finishing poke transfer and i've been in wifi since 4:35 like i told you i'm sitting here with two ds waiting in wifi for you... we'll have to try again then later sorry
    Shazamm!! Hello Here i am now! Add me and look at my list thread i have i'm not entirely sure how to work it fully yet
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