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  • I'll be on for the next 6 hours if you wanna receive MrLeaf's hippo.
    Yea, I play online shooting games.
    The things I post on youtube are hackers so people know not to play with them.
    There's lots of hackers in CombatArms D:
    There's still a point in trading, just it's not as fun as it used to be to me.
    Lately, I have been an Emerald RNGer, but everything you can RNG capture on Emerald can be caught on HG/SS.

    There are so many redistributables now, that there's more than 1 of each pokemon. Now all the noobs have 50+ of them which means you get less trades.
    I have two things to say:

    HG/SS ruined everything for me.
    Redistributables ruined wifi.
    I thought you were banned :0.
    I actually quit pokemon a few months ago, just been floating around for the last couple of days.
    didn't I tell you? Pikatimer doesn't use the delay you get from the calibration phase. That's why I skipped it. Anyways, what were some of the delays you found?
    oh also, make sure to turn the AR off and to take out any 3rd gen games. these change delays too. once you do all this, start back from 520. lastly, make sure that on seed to time, the delay range is -99 and +99. for second, -+1 is ok.
    I'm trading with someone else at the moment. I'll be done in about 3 minutes so you should go online about then.
    Hi, have you recieved MrLeaf's hippo yet? If you haven't, are you available to trade right now?
    You can take the three for free. Add my Diamond for Chinchou and Porygon and Platinum for Eevee. I can trade now if you can.
    Yeah I just got to do something real quick, I'll be on in about 2 minutes
    Heya your next to receive Wulf's Gastly. Are you available right now?
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