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  • fine this conversation is now finished and no offence dude u did over react 2 just a simple question
    You said to tell you which unreleased Pokemon I was using. And actually they already did "implement" that, it's been there since day 1. Again, clicking the "allow DW" check box is telling your opponent. If I said I was using Contrary or Reckless, that's OBVIOUSLY Serperior and Emboar, so it is basically telling you the exact Pokemon (or at least narrowing it to a few possibilities). And you seriously implied that you need to wait for Smogon to know how to beat a few DW sets? That's pathetic. This site is a learning tool, not a crutch.
    i did not say they have put it in i said they are putting it in so they have not done it yet also i said which ones u are using like u could have said contuary or reckless so the fo know what u are doing since smogon has not made any counter to these kind of pokemon yet untill they are relesed
    You act like every other word I say is swearing. Again, grow up and stop acting like I hurt your feelings because of a few letters in a row. If you don't like it, leave, don't try to censor me. And I looked for this "unreleased clause" change and found nothing, so I'm calling bullshit on you until you can provide a link. The closest thing I could find to an official DW thread is, under the Other Metagames subforum, and it makes zero mention of this imaginary clause change. Though you might not want to read it, as humourously enough the moderator swears four times in the opening post and you might get offended and threaten him with Smogon banning him. Oh and by the way, clicking the "allow unreleased DW abilities" option IS telling you I am using them...
    and btw there is a new rule that smogon is putting in where if u are using unrelesed dreamworld abbilitys u have to tell them u dont have 2 say the pokemon that is y i asked
    @Jultar100: Classy, just delete the messages I leave. Anyway, stop trying to censor me. Smogon isn't going to ban me for a few expletives, especially not on my own "channel" (I guess you mean user page?). And nobody is complaining about it except immature children like yourself. Also, no one cares about your meaningless high school certificates, and even if they did they'd laugh at you for your horrendous grammar.
    really dude most people are complaining about the language u are using on your channel and if this keeps up smogon might consider banning u
    And yes, I was losing, but I still had to go. We are going to shopping with my cousins, just got in the car.I can access wi-Fi through my IPad, but not through my ds.
    you are incredibly stupid i told u i got dc i was to war away from the router and yeah get a life beacause i know that u know u whould not say a word if u were standind infront of me so stfu and fuck your self
    Sad you decided to run, only since I was recording D: Do you mind if I post this match on youtube? It'll be my first video. (First pokemon comp-style video that is, I have over a hundred videos of other stuff :P)
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