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  • is it the time listed here? if so I'm an hour ahead of you.. weird, I thought there was a bigger difference. No problem, I think I'll be on from now until 8 pm of your time more or less, then at about 9-9:30 I'll be back online so we can trade. So, it's celebi, timid raikou and DW female eevee for my four DW birds, right?
    Hey what happened? you suddenly disappeared... if you happen to log in later please tell me. I don't mind waiting, I'm just worried that you trade with someone else and don't need my pokemon anymore.
    Darn, I've been breeding for a really long time, and then I notice that Starly's DW ability is the same as its normal ability... how am I supposed to notice when I have the starly you want? looks like I have to train a little
    I prefer the timid one, those speed points really make the difference. I'd have to check what's eastern´s time, but I'll just try to be on as long as possible. I'm at home free right now and for the rest of the day so I'll have no trouble. I hope I don't forget about that lol. (sorry if this gets double posted, there was some kind of error when sending)
    Awesome, in that case I'd want the timid Raikou (I don't care if it's shiny or not, but you only have a shiny one in the thread so I'll take that). At the time of writing this it's 2:45 PM in my country. I have a rehearsal with my band so I'll be available at night, anytime from about 9:00 PM to 1-3 AM. I hope you can be on at that time.
    Send me a message when you are available to do the trade. I probably will not be able to trade today (Thursday) , but I'm available tomorrow and can do the trade at 11:00 p.m.
    Kangaskhan, lickitung, nidoqueen (is it true that it can't breed? if so don't count it), spearow, doduo and wingull. It's cool, I should be going to bed right now and I'd have to breed any females since I only have a "stock" for gligar and natu which you already have
    Ok so from what I saw I'm interested in Celebi or Eevee, mostly Celebi. If you consider the trade unfair, I could add either a DW poliwag, carvanha, starly or smoochum. I have a few more but those are the most 'viable' ones. What do you say?
    Hey, this is your lucky day, I happen to have a female DW murkrow. I don't RNG but I could breed you one with high IVs if so you choose, otherwise just breed you a random one. I also have some spare dusk stones (I think it evolved with through that, might be wrong) so I could have it hold one, too. Lemme check you thread for something.
    Hey, I'll be available after 9:00 p.m. EST (New York) this week until Saturday. Let me know if any of these days are good for you, thanks.
    I can give you the Shiny Drilbur if you want it. I can trade later on today if that works for you.
    Ha, I can get you an Adamant Ralts with that ability. Might take a few minutes though

    *Edit* I have one now if you still need one.
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