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  • Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, busy with school, etc...
    I'm ready today, via pokemon showdown. Username is same there as it is here.
    Looks like a cool set. I will think about slashing in Sunny Day because it makes Thunder only 50% accurate. Also in the sun you can beat Ferrothorn with Fire Blast.
    Try ThunderBolt for more PP, increases the chance of hitting it.
    Thrash seems like a great idea on MuscularCarp so you can actually thrash enemies around and then knock them out with Water Pulse.
    Would you rather just play in an hour or so? I'll be here. If you'd rather have a bit more time to think about your team, that's fine, too.
    Hey, howzitgoin? We're now opponents for the Ubers mini-tourney deelybop, and I'm going to be available pretty much all day Sunday, and then sparsely during the rest of next week. GMT -5. I'll stop typing now because I am about to
    Can't do it currently since I'm in vacation but if you are willing to wait about 3 more days then I can do it.
    Hmm, looks like the server just crashed. Do you want to play on another server or just wait for su to come back up?
    Hey, I can play pretty much whenever. Chances are whatever time suits you will suit me too, so name a time and I'll see if I can meet it. I'm gmt+10 btw.
    I'm going to a bar mitzvah on saturday, and won't be home till about 7:30, any chance you will be on later?
    Is this Saturday, 15:00 GMT okay for you? I haven't prepared my team yet, so I need some time.
    It is :3

    I don't know who it is tbh >__> I just found the image randomly somewhere. xD; The hair / height / art make it look like Syaoran and Sakura from Tsubasa: RESERVoiR CHRoNiCLE though.
    this weekend. are you on irc much? because if we see each other on we can just play then.
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