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  • Why have you stopped posting in the past week-ish? I was just thinking how I hadn't seen you on in forever. So, I went to your page and checked your last time on. It was earlier today, but I was confused, cause why would you just stop posting??? I've missed your posts. :( lol
    *brain explodes*

    Zip, I am doing the best that I can to make this as logocal as possible. In my head, it was illegal activities. I don't know *sigh* I have yet to think through this all 100%. I have just the basics :(

    wanna help me?
    Ok,I am bad at explaining......

    Alright, here it goes: They came across us and found that we were dying. They placed us on a life support of some kind and began trying to save us. After a while, our vitals started to fail, so they dropped us off to die. If they had waited a little longer, they would have seen that we fought past it as our genes mutated us and made us stronger.

    This makes things more clear?
    Remember, they wanted us to live. They gave up on is and placed us away to be forgotten. they didnt realize that we were alive and that we adapted to live.
    Well, how would you suggest this be? Really, I want to make everyone as happy as possible to attract others to this.
    The scientists thought that we were gonna die anyway and experimented on us. We survived by luck. Sadly, the scientists forgot to dispose of us and make sure we were not still alive.
    is this something you could do? No fights unless you force yourself to become some crimefighter >_>

    You could do anything you want. Its pretty free roam, but we will have to find answers along the way.
    A horendious accident left us almost dead. We had bones and organs replaced with animal parts and DNA mixed. We woke up as "freaks" that must find justice and peace, a way to continue with our lives.

    If you want your person to fight, go ahead. If you want to become a leader of a town, go ahead. Just remember that people will exploit you for what you are now and you have to get past that just to live life somewhat normally.
    We play as humans that have animal features. We are humiliated and exploited. We must eventually regain our rights and find where we best fin in society.
    Hey, Zip, what do you think of my concept for an RPG? there is no fighting unless you make your charcter do so. It is about humans who have been experimented on trying to find a place in society.
    hey, could you give me a one-time challenge for my white gautnlet? i need one more to continue, and I wanna continue. link's right here Thanks!
    I've decided that you have the most creative challenge for my gauntlet, due to the backstory you wrote, so you get to choose which starter i get. Thanks for giving me the challenge, and please respond quickly so that i can get this show on the road.
    I can think of just his head being a bit more to the left, and his hair a bit more blue so you can tell where the hair ends and the cloak starts, and defining the eyebrows a bit more.

    Thanks for making this for me!
    A really dark blue, the hair should be shoulder length. Looks great by the way! the only thing I can think his his chest to be slightly wider otherwise this is way better than I though i'd be able to get it!
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