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  • I'm going on soon I just have to clone suicune and add your fc. was it the timid non shiny one you wanted?
    Sorry I was in the middle of doing a RNG capture. I can trade in 10 minutes :). Add my SS FC when your ready
    I'd also have a good Gastrodon to breed Mud Bomb for Psyduck... A female Venusaur with flawless IV's.. A decent Meowth.. and a female Cherubi. lol
    Do you need some with the egg moves wish / baton pass? =] That Neon is quite easy to breed on. lol Althoguh the HP's wouldn't be the easiest. lol HP Grass Eevee is taken by Epiphany. lol
    Because I am an extremely difficult woman! lol Let's see.. I may have some breeding parents for the rest of my wants.. Take your pick in my wants list. lol There's mostly annoying Eevees and HP breeding left. -_-' The difficult stuff..
    Ah cool. lol coming on WiFi now. I'll try be done today with those banners..! Feel like taking on another BP or two? =P
    Yeah sure! ^^ What do I trade for it? Or does it count as payment for my sigs I'm working on. lol
    Ah well no worries. ^^ I'll just be happy with Cubone! You'll get good trading with that Rioulo though!
    Unhatched for my own useage please! I suppose if I put it up in my thread, you could hatch one copy of it and trade that one to me so I can trade it in my thread without my OT on it. =] And if the Rioulou ends up female I'd love an egg of her too and you can have some stuff out of my thread for it. ^^ Like the Sentret. lol
    Well keep a copy of the egg and then I suppose.. hatch it at the Iron Island. =P
    Ooh pretty! I've been considering breeding a girl special attack Rioulou too. lol That one is male I guess? Most Riolous on Smogon are physical so that one will be interesting. ^^
    Aww that's a lovely Cubone Stavros! ^^ didn't think you'd finish it that fast! I'm working on your sigs btw, looking good so far, sorry for taking so long!
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