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  • Hi, we need to play for the VGC Smogon Tour R5, can we play this weekend? (GMT+1)
    sure thing!
    Do you have time, tomorrow, 20:30 GMT+1?
    bring it on i'm online as catnality
    Hey! What's up? When'd you wanna play for the tour?
    hey dude, how about now? tweet me @Zoggykins anytime you need me
    Oi, when are you free to play for he VGC tour? I'm free all night tonight and pretty much all day tomorrow. If today and tomorrow dont work for you let me know
    thank you! yes,
    in the UK of time
    January 6 at 1PM~7PM
    January 7 at 1PM~7PM

    Do you suit with the time?
    Hi! i'm new in Smogon! i found your shiny value matches with one of my egg! Can you hatch it end trade it back to me??? thanks!!!
    I found your SHINY VALUE matches with one of my egg. will you be kind to hatch it and trade it back to me? I prefer contact with you through Facebook. My facebook name is Zhun Liu. Please add me. XD.
    Damn... because of opponents disconnecting?

    I didn't play... I had a lot of other stuff going on.
    I guess I'll see about RNGing a Calm HP Flying one then. Thanks for the advice.

    If Lightningrod Zapdos doesn't get released, do you expect Thundurus-T to be decent? I assume it would be Timid or Modest with HP Flying or Ice, right?
    Oh, you would use Hidden Power? The set they gave me in the SQSA forum was Thunderbolt / Thunder Wave / Swagger / Taunt.

    I'm probably going to get another B/W cart (haven't decided which) and RNG a shiny genie. What do you think Tornadus, Tornadus-T, Thundurus, and Thundurus-T will look like in VGC once B2/W2 are allowed? I'm trying to keep natures and Hidden Powers for their future use in mind when RNGing whichever genie.
    Hey Zog. Hope you're doing well. Since you seem to be the expert on bulky Pokémon, are you a fan of bulky Thundurus?
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