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  • Grass/Dark is 4x weak to Bug, so there's a running joke about Caterpie's Bug Bite KOing it.
    Hey, are you going to do anything with that monotype thread you started? I was looking forward to it, it seemed interesting.
    Unfortunately, PS doesn't support modification from the server. However, I got a new router, and the Pokemon Online Server doesn;t seem to be slowing it down much. I'll keep it up as much as I can
    I think I got a way. basically, adding an entry in the pokemon file for all the BST equalized pokemon, and putting them in the Equal BST tier, so we can ban them from standard OU.
    I can run a Equal BST server, but I don't think I can run it at the same time as a normal one, because they both use the same pokemon stats file. If it's possible to tell it which to read from, then I can do that on the server I just set up.
    well, i'm hosting a league on a diff server, and I could probably add it to that one. I'll ask later.
    I might be able to setup a Equal BST meta on a PS server, if I get a server setup i'll see if I can add it
    I'm not a spriter myself, so I really wouldn't be able to offer any advice even if I wanted to. :(
    gee, thanks Darkraicis, Lady Salamence and MacBook for the birthday greetings. sorry just say it now though
    Hey I didn't want my reply to you to be accidentally included in my final sprite submission, but to answer your question: unfortunately there's no way to save things with transparent backgrounds in paint. When I want GIFs with transparent backgrounds I actually use this really old program originally for Windows 95 called GiFFY ( http://www.brothersoft.com/giffy-16084.html ). When I want transparent PNGs I use Photoshop. Sadly saving in certain formats is the one place MSPaint lets me down. :>
    I saw your "fanboy wishes" in the CaP concept thread. You can join TSoCP (Theoretical Speculation on Competitive Pokemon) or CAM (Create a Move) if you want to try and have a metagame with them. BTW, the Mutagens look pretty cool. Ghost/Normal Slaking without Truant.
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