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  1. Sephirona

    JOLTANK. [Lock please~]

    Because Joltik are the best and I enjoy Joltik very much, I wanted to spread some Joltiky love. I've been tucking this Joltik into Dream World every day, so he's a very big strong Joltik now. He'll be fully redistributable as long as you abide by the following rules! Giveaway conditions will...
  2. Sephirona

    ☆ {•●● sayaendou ●●•} ☆ \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ [DO NOT POST!] Currently only using this thread for personal reference

    [ Currently closed ] {Sayaendou}: Peas in a pod. Alludes to inseparable crewmembers&nakama. Heyo. I'm Rona. (: I love to draw. This was first a solo thread, then a joint thread. Now, it's a solo thread again, and mostly just so I can catalog all of the Pokemon I've traded and received here...
  3. Sephirona

    ・゚✧ (≖ᴗ≖✿) Potatoville ✧*・

    Potatoville. Where everything is potato and nothing hurts twitter | tumblr | deviantART Hey. My name's Rona. I update with new art sometimes \o/ Please don't use my Pokemon art outside of officially maintained Smogon University/Nuggetbridge sites, and if you do use my art on Smogon...