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  1. LordThemberchaud


    I have gone a lot of days without stopping holy music. As such, I feel that I should stop the holy music so my only (?) niche stays relevant.
  2. LordThemberchaud

    Change one letter in a word or phrase.

    As I say in a lot of the few threads I make, just do what the title says. Ex: Cat - Cot
  3. LordThemberchaud

    What did they say?

    You know how you sometimes hear someone say something out of context that sounds really stupid? Post those moments here. Sometimes you can give small amounts of context. Ex: "Are you high?" Note that this happened while I was at school.
  4. LordThemberchaud

    ITT I am playing a game on my badly drawn phone

    Oh! I didn't see you there! Me? I'm just playing on my phone.
  5. LordThemberchaud

    ITT Post The Funny Number

    Post that one funny number we all know and love, 69. However, there is a catch: You can not just type the numbers. You must find the number 69 in your life. For example, you could find it in a username on social media or you could find it on a math test. Post it here. Here is an example: I...
  6. LordThemberchaud

    Guess the User: Word Puzzle Edition!

    Idea stolen from BP In this thread, you must create word puzzles and guess other's puzzles. Ex: (synonym for king)+(antonym of thin)-ick+(fire type move)+c+(thing you wear on head)-t+(sound that one makes when they fall)-th = LordThemberchaud.
  7. LordThemberchaud

    Aight Imma Head Out

    I am sorry, but I must go. Unlike everyone else who had very detailed explanations for them leaving, my reason is that since The People's Moderator has departed, I have no one to lead my crusades.
  8. LordThemberchaud

    ITT Post Trees

    Tell me about trees that grow in your yard. For example, I have a fig tree growing in my yard.
  9. LordThemberchaud

    How to Post

    My previous thread sucked, as all I did was state a terrible joke that probably everyone has heard at least once. I think I need to learn how to properly post. Can someone potentially teach me so I may get better?
  10. LordThemberchaud

    Who is your favorite Anime character?

    Mine is Goku Uzimaki from One Bleach.
  11. LordThemberchaud

    Mario Kart Wii thread

    Mario Kart Wii is one of my favorite games, so I wanted to hear your thoughts on said game.
  12. LordThemberchaud

    Merry Christmas!

    And a happy New Year!
  13. LordThemberchaud

    SS Ubers Lugia Weakness Policy Offensive

    Introduction: Lugia is an amazing Pokemon. It gets Multiscale, beastly defenses, and decent attacking stats. I thought I could make a team revolving around it. It has been very successful and I want to share it with everyone! The team: Marshadow @ Choice Band Ability: Technician EVs: 252...