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  1. Gleeboop

    Done Regarding the CAP teambuilder

    Can you take the AG mons out of there? Its a tiny bit annoying to have a ton of illegal mons between the CAPs and OU mons
  2. Gleeboop

    Approved Have the ability "Persistent" show the extra duration of moves where it tells you how long trick room and such will last.

    Now, while this only affects the cap format and possibly some pet mods that choose to use it, its just a bit off-putting when the Trick Room or Tailwind indicator at the top left of the battle shows that the move is over, but it still has 2 more turns left.
  3. Gleeboop

    Done Have the tooltips show the speed boost from tailwind

    Its just so weird that it doesn't and I don't really see a reason for it not to.
  4. Gleeboop

    Done Make the /tier commands for National Dex formats more consistent

    Its a bit annoying that you need to fully type out /tier nationaldex (uu, bh, monotype) when /tier natdex and /tier natdex ag both work. It would be nice to be able to abbreviate all national dex tiers as natdex (whatever)
  5. Gleeboop

    Done Make searching "Side Shell Arm" bring back Shell Side Arm

    I personally keep getting those 2 words mixed up and think that the search commands recognizing the error would be cool. Not sure if this is an actual issue or if I'm just dumb, but I feel at least some people could find this nice.
  6. Gleeboop

    Gen 8 Starter Discussion.

    Inteleon is the best starter period Edit: Firebot mods pls don't lock this thread, we definately can have a respectful conversation in the section of smogon all about crapposting Edit2: Forgot this was Smogoff and not Firebot
  7. Gleeboop

    Quality Control Toxic Strats (Venomoth) [QC 0/3]

    [OVERVIEW] Venomoth is a unique mon in the LGPE meta. It is the most viable mon that knows quiver dance, as the other one, butterfree, is 4 times weak to rocks. While it has bad physical bulk it can't boost and weaknesses to common types in the meta, such as rock, psychic, and flying, it can...
  8. Gleeboop

    Tournament Gen 8 CAP Doubles Revival Tour Signups.

    Approved by snake_rattler Welcome to the Gen 8 CAP Doubles Revival Tour! This tour aims to help revive this nonexistant meta from the ashes and introduce it to the eighth gen. I decided to post the signups now because yes. Here are the rules for the tour: This is a double elimination, bo1 tour...
  9. Gleeboop

    Pending A command for weather, status, terrain and stuff like that.

    Sometimes it would be nice to know what stats/moves a weather boosts, or the chance for a status effect to activate, or maybe the effects of a terrain. Therefore, I propose a command like /effect [weather/sandstorm/terrain]
  10. Gleeboop

    Gen 7 Gen 7 Ubers

    Mawile-Mega @ Mawilite Ability: Huge Power Shiny: Yes EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Def / 4 Spe Adamant Nature - Play Rough - Rock Slide - Iron Head - Sucker Punch It's powerful, pretty good defensively, and has coverage and priority. Xerneas @ Power Herb Ability: Fairy Aura Shiny: Yes EVs: 252 Def /...