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  1. Luigifan

    What would you modify if you had control over the Pokémon franchise?

    The subject of this thread is exactly what it sounds like — a wishlist for changes to various aspects of Pokémon battles. By "modify", however, I don't mean introducing brand-new Pokémon or moves; I mean tweaking the properties of existing moves, Abilities, held items, and other such things for...
  2. Luigifan

    The main CAP project page needs to be updated

    The primary page for the CAP project looks like it hasn't been maintained for a while. Its link to the CAP forum is broken, Kerfluffle has no sprites and its Hidden Ability is listed as "Undecided", and there isn't even a trace of Jumbao. Could whoever is responsible for maintaining that part of...
  3. Luigifan

    Gah! What the funtz's happened to Pokémon Online?!?

    Just tried to check the Pokémon online forums... and I got a message telling me that the whole effing site is forbidden! When I tried to go to the main page, I got redirected to... I don't even know. I mean, what the heck is "DRI"? I can't even understand the language the site is in, but it must...
  4. Luigifan

    Character Theme Songs?

    The Pokémon franchise as a whole is already good at coming up with theme songs for its major characters. This topic focuses on songs from popular culture or other franchises that are well-suiited for particular characters. For instance, "Carry On Wayward Son" by Kansas is a fantastic fit for...
  5. Luigifan

    CAP History Primer

    Because I'm new here, I decided to put up this thread to help myself and other newbies get up to speed on the CAP project's history. Basically, what I'm looking for is a quick recap of what the CAP project's been about up to this point. Things like the concepts of the previous CAP Pokemon, an...
  6. Luigifan

    Would this be a good forum to post my fakemon ideas?

    The sites HiatuWiki and ThePokemonFactory are rather intimidating, and Smogon's own Create-A-Pokemon project doesn't allow fakemon created entirely by one person. Would this be an acceptable forum to post my Pokemon ideas?