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  1. Isa Simple

    Field Plating

    Approved by The Immortal Field Plating So this meta is based on Field control, which is an interesting metagame. But because it's not codeable, we've remade it. Reason we use plates is there are items with same effects (Sharp Beak and Sky Plate). Basically, if a pokemon holds a specific item...
  2. Isa Simple

    OU Theorymon (Check Post #173)

    Approved by The Immortal Thanks FookMi? Welcome to OU Theorymon! If you're not aware of this project, allow me to briefly recap what it is about. The OU Theorymon Project was created to examine the effects of one buff (an added move, changed ability, or type change. [In special cases we also...
  3. Isa Simple

    ORAS OU Danger Danger! High Voltage!

    Danger Danger! High Voltage! So we've all heard of Bird spam right? So we all remember the times when Talonflame and Mega Pinsir were rearing everything apart? Well I decided fuck Bird spam, and what better way to fuck Bird spam than with Electric spam! So this is my first (RMT and) OU team...
  4. Isa Simple

    Field Control

    Field Control. (Approved by Eevee General) This meta game is about manipulating the playing field by adding various field conditions to suit the needs and wants of your pokemon, while trying to stop your opponent from doing the same. [Insert super cool art here] This is how it works: Along...
  5. Isa Simple

    Chart Shift (Now Playable on the Aqua Server!)

    Chart Shift. (Approved by Eevee General). Chart Shift is a meta game with no fancy direct changes to a pokemon’s type, ability, stats, or moves. In fact there are no direct changes to pokemon, but instead to the pokemon type chart. The new type chart is displayed below. By just sliding the...