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  1. HeatEdgeSword

    Metagame Nature Swap

    Approved by The Immortal and drampa's grandpa banner by Dybala jr In Nature Swap, Pokemon's Nature will swap its affected base stats around, this allows some Pokemon to approach differently than usual depending on their nature. For example, A Gentle nature Corviknight will have 105 Sp...
  2. HeatEdgeSword

    Pet Mod [Gen 8] Double Trouble

    :sm/pelipper: Double Trouble :sm/ludicolo: approved by G-luke Welcome to Double Trouble, a double-based Pet Mod aims to explore any promising but underutilized elements from Doubles while buffing some Pokemon to better fit in Doubles. Double Trouble will only be using Pokemon that are in...
  3. HeatEdgeSword

    Tournament Partners in Crime Banhappy Tournament (Won by Eisenherz)

    approved by drampa's grandpa and The Immortal Partners in Crime Banhappy Tournament Tired of Smeargle supporting its partner with a variety of moves? Sick of having your attack being lowered by Intimidate? Introducing Partners in Crime Banhappy Tournament! When signing up, every player can...