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  1. ShadowAbra

    The Aria of Oscillation

    Friends,Enemies, and random passerby-er put down your balding frogs and welcome to UU a land that appeases the 4th gen heads and the Anti-Weather extremist the same. I can't take any credit for the star of this team the Idea for the set came from emperorznb but I hope you enjoy it none the less...
  2. ShadowAbra

    Dnite is darkest just before the dawn

    Introduction Greetings one and all welcome to my humble abode today I will be taking you through the 3rd gen team of smogon's very own degenerate Abra. Why third gen you may ask, as I flipped through the forums I saw the third gen RMT and it cried out to me it said "Abra save me" so I did what...
  3. ShadowAbra

    Updated Sawsbuck Analysis (Choice Band)

    [Overview] - Hard Hitting force - No life orb recoil so it can last longer and actually gain HP from horn leech - Great Ferroseed counter as it can switch in on leech seed and 2HKO with Jump kick and its sap sipper so it gets plus 1 attack - Good with heavy hitting moves like Mega horn Horn...